acid fuchsin (aka acid fusion):

Because these words describe what we are doing so well…

”This band is really throwing the music out there, it's like the music is really breathing. It's never the same from night to night—every night is completely different. The basic thing we're doing is improvising, but we're making it sound like we're not improvising. That sounds sort of like a contradiction, but there's something to that. In other words, you play, and you just try to make it sound clean enough so that people don't get drug out [laughs], and you can still work and have fun. There's a fine line. You can't even talk about it, really, but essentially that's what we're doing, we're making improvised music sound written.

— A quote from the late, great Jaco Pastorius; and, in regard to the legendary group Weather Report.

"Improvisation is the musician drawing from everything he's learned so far. The things I'm practicing now, it may be a year or two before they're unconsciously coming out in my playing. Obviously you're conscious of the harmony, but it's an unconscious release of all the things you've ever learnt, played over a particular harmonic backdrop. But if your girlfriend runs away with your best buddy and you've got that on your mind when you're on stage, you're probably not going to play your best - unless you're really happy about the event! (regarding Jazz) When people mention the word 'jazz' I think of it as music that's harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and a vehicle for improvisation. And that's it: it's not a particular form of music.”

— Allan Holdsworth, “the maestro”

“Don’t play what's there, play what's not there.”

― Miles Davis

By definition, jazz music is characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and, without doubt, a groove-based or forceful rhythm; expressing an ever-changing palette of emotion. Our mission is to take our audience on a journey through surreal, yet powerful tonal dreamscapes, sharing an inspiring concept of hard-hitting, yet emotionally moving improvisational jam sessions. Taking flight wherever inspiration takes us, traveling through time and space indeed. A journey to throwback eras, when music was straight from an unbridled heart, and directly from an uncompromising soul. This concept is influenced by the maestro, Allan Holdsworth’s love for improvisation… definitely a connection we embrace, share, and, as a legacy & tribute to Allan, humbly pay forward to future generations.

Straight improvisation... very little editing. Spontaneously, we are melodically, harmonically, and rhythmically creating / composing music. No prep whatsoever.

VINCENT MEDINA is an American jazz, progressive rock, progressive metal, fusion bassist, multi-instrumentalist & composer who is best known as a 6-string, fretless bass guitarist. Vincent has created a style uniquely his own by absorbing any/all music of interest and also adopting the cultural aspect of his city/environment here in Los Angeles. All this while embracing LA’s multi-cultural offerings including, but not exclusively, Flamenco guitar. Vincent’s unconditional love for music in all its forms, studied jazz / jazz improvisation with Ladd McIntosh; classical, music theory, performance, composition, upright bass + electric bass at CSUN, private study with former LA Philharmonic contrabass master Arni Egilsson.

Vincent's main instruments include electric and acoustic fretless and fretted basses in 4, 5, and 6 strings. Importantly, humbles himself to the greats of bass from whom he drew inspiration: Electric — Percy Jones, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius, and Stanley Clarke; Upright — NHO Pedersen, Charles Mingus, Buster Williams, Arild Andersen, Charlie Haden, and Ron Carter. In addition, can play supporting parts for guitar and keyboards.

DOUG WEIAND is a composer and a guitar player. An artist influenced mostly by heavy metal and rock yet with the sensibilities and experience in jazz and rock fusion as well. Advanced legato technique and exotic scales approaches are very present on his playing, resulting in a distinguished "outside" sound. Doug is a celebrated 7-string guitarist with major endorsements from industry giants such as Mesa Engineering, ESP Guitars, Eventide Effects, EMG Pickups, Mogami Cables, and Reunion Blues Gig Bags. Born in Brazil and living many years in Milan, Doug’s expertise is well-crafted, and his world-class skill set comes from his keen awareness and explicit interest in the giants who came before him: Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, Fredrik Thordendal, Frank Gambale,…

ERIC AVDEEF is an innovative and intuitive drummer. An artist who is a great listener of his musical environment, tapping into, and immersing himself in the sound bath created by his band mates. Eric offers drum accompaniment that perfectly suits our improvisational mission that’s also unique, and created in real-time.

REID CAMPBELL is a powerful drummer who has keen awareness and skills in multiple genres and brings them to his drum chops in real-time, while seamlessly adapting to any improvisational musical landscape. Reid quickly adapted and moved through Thrash Metal to Progressive drumming, with influences from Matt Garstka, Chris Coleman, Tony Royster, Jr., and Luke Holland.

EDU CORSO is the one of the most accomplished drummers of his country, Brazil. He graduated from EST Music School in São Leopoldo RS -Brazil and has more than twenty years of music experience. 

MATT BAKER expresses himself with fierceness and ability to understand and manipulate time. The ease with which he makes odd time simple and easy to groove to, his sense of the moment and his sparkling chops makes him an excellent improviser. Matt has also performed with: TLC, Manny Charlton, The Reverend Shawn Amos, Sabine Pothier, Jay Jackson, Sandra Booker, Dwight Trible, Kit Walker, Argyria, Sandhya Sanjana, Tomoki Spilsbury, Ink, Shane Eli, Carlotta & Ease Up.

DINSHAH SANJANA “is a world class human and the most dominant musician I have ever worked with. Put him in a room with any of the all time greats and he would be right at home.  It's an honor to work with him on such a regular basis.” -Matt Baker In his career, spanning 35 years as a band leader, Dinshah has toured the world with DIVYA, his jazz/world fusion group. Other notable bands he has fronted are Ultimatum, Ji-Whiz and Holy Smoke. Dinshah has recorded and performed with Alice Coltrane, Don Cherry and Dave Valentine among others. Dinshah is a founding member of Moment Music.